What are backlinks?

Backlinks are when another website’s content contains a URLĀ backĀ to your website. The more websites that link to your website will determine your websites overall domain authority which is used to determine which URLs are returned in search engines.

Get hundreds of free links with directories and local citations

A simple way to collect backlinks is to use free business listings websites such as Yelp, LinkedIn, Facebook Pages etc.

Use Yext to get an instant overview and list of sites that allow you to publish a backlink.

Filling out social media sites, business listing sites, etc. can help a new website achieve page one rankings early or push a website higher in their current keyword rankings.

Skyrocket your rankings with guest posting

Using your own blogs or news articles, you can reach out to other bloggers/websites in your industry to see if they are interested to trade a backlink in exchange for your content being published on their website.

A popular blog will easily receive dozens of guest posting requests a month, which is why its important to send out guest posting requests only when you have a very well written article that provides actual value to readers.

This method, when employed correctly is actually the most effective way in building high quality whitehat backlinks that can easily take any website to top 5 rankings for any keyword.

Add extra SEO juice with social signals

Social signals are the same as backlinks but ones that occur on social media, for example when someone tweets, or shares your website it will count as a social signal.

Having thousands of social signals can create the edge a website needs to outrank a competitor in a keyword that is highly competitive.

Social signals can be acquired through influencer marketing, or crafting unique content that is highly shareable and can go viral.


Get published in mainstream news sites using press releases

Press releases are an effective way to gain backlinks from very popular news sites such as Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Los Angeles Times, CNN, Fox, MSN, etc.

This is because the thousands of the journalists and writers these mainstream news sites employ are constantly scouring the web looking for the next biggest scoop or headline to write about.

Thus new companies that write a Press Release are often picked up by local to international news websites in hopes of being the first to get the scoop on the next billionaire dollar/unicorn company.